The Bluesky Bluetooth hands-free car kit 1001 A
has been created to get phone calls while you are
driving, keeping your hands on the steering wheel!

MSRP $229


  • Bluetooth specification: 2.0
  • USB software framework support
  • Full duplex, noise and echo suppression, DSP technology
  • Easily uses your car's speakers with 4 available frequencies settings
  • Built-in rear speaker and earpiece for private conversations
  • Built-in microphone
  • Voice record and play back
  • Caller ID display
  • Voice dial and redial
  • Call waiting function
  • High capacity rechargeable Li-ion battery
    with standby time of more than 168 hours
  • Voice dial and redial
  • Name display
  • Full duplex/Noise & echo suppression/DSP Technology
  • Built-in Speaker/Wireless Earpiece/4 Station FM Transmitter
  • Wireless installation
  • Record and play function

User Guide
Specification Sheet



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